Saturday, 8 February 2014

Rob's Dyslexia Font at TMSussex: Southwater

Rob @DJToadie told us about an amazing font that helps people read more easily, especially people with dyslexia or dyslexic tendencies.

Open dyslexic from TMSussex

You can download the font to install on your computer(s) from this Google Drive folder:


  1. Just to add, the Slide with Orlando Bloom wasn't for 'eye candy' but to make a point about not squashing text together but to break into clear paragraphs - if it takes 2-3 pages rather than one page then so be it.

  2. Since seeing this at TeachMeet I have been using this font in all my lesson handouts/notebook slides at my placement school and love it! I will be taking it back to my final placement where I have several children in my class who would, I am sure, benefit from this font!

    Thanks for sharing!