Saturday, 8 February 2014

Graham's Apps at TMSussex: Southwater

Creativity Apps presented by Graham @gnc957 designed to promote creativity and collaboration, especially when you hand over a tablet to a group of pupils
1. Teach by Knowmia is an online tool ( and app that allows you to create slideshows with an unusual feature - you can record yourself adding a commentary via a video box in the corner of the slide.
2. Try using a green screen kit (a frame, green muslin, 2 stands and lights) with an app called Green Screen by Do Ink.  This allows you to film one or more individuals in front of the green screen, then in the app add an image or a video clip as a background layer. Finally add the green screen layer as the bottom layer (this ensures the video created has sound as well!). A few taps and inside a minute you have the completed compressed video ready to export.  This allows you to crowd source background videos taken by pupils outside class on their phones or tablets, minimising the time spent filming in the lesson.
3. Fotobabble is an app that lets you import an image and with a simple tap on the recording button in the app you can record audio and link this to the image.
4. SonicPics is another slideshow creation app which allows you to record audio as you run through your slides
All these tools/apps in the hands of pupils promote pupil autonomy and open-ended tasks fostering creativity.

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