Tuesday, 20 August 2013

TeachMeet Sussex: Worthing Presenters and Attendees

Below you can find the list of presentations for TeachMeet Sussex.  If you would like to attend or present, remember you can sign up here.

James W @jwinchester25 - Gesture-based technology to promote engagement
David R @daviderogers - Curiosity Kits, encouraging independence
Beth J @bethjake - Untitled
Ian A @ianaddison - Ideas to inspire writing
Charlie A @charliedeane - Learning Logs for Homework
Margaret A @margaretcallen - Untitled
Anne R- STAR: A coaching programme to enhance teacher development.
Michelle I @FootieFanMiss - The wonderful world of Twitter and Pinterest
Phil W @Fubar2u_2000 (Royal Navy Museum) - Objects and stories
Neil F @NeilCFord - Raspberry Pi: An introduction
Liz W and Justin R - Filmclub
Ben C @MrICT - Alternatives to Apple in the classroom.
Steven L @MrLockyer - Times tables are broken.

Below is the list of attendees, those who have signed up for the TeachEat have (TE) next to their name.

Rob C @djtoadie (TE)
James W @jwinchester (TE)
John G @johngalvin2
Peter B
Leah W @Leah_moo (TE)
David R @daviderogers (TE)
Hannah T @MissTTalks (TE)
Janet S (TE)
Dan J @MisterShiney  (TE)
Vicci M @VicciShepherd
Paul P @Pmp4
Sue T @DeafDotty
Sandra H
Beth J @bethjake
Sue B (TE)
Charlotte R (TE)
Ian A @ianaddison (TE)
Charlie A @Charliedeane (TE)
Rhoda W @templarwilson
Matthew P @payno04 (TE)
Mike C @oldcoops (TE)
Mick T @achuka (TE)
Sarah B
Margaret A @MargaretCAllen
Alexis C @wherenext5 (TE)
Matt M (TE)
Tor DF @tordelfed (TE)
Debi D @Deborahdaisley (TE)
Jack C @MrJCassidy
Vikki B @VikkiBrooker (TE)
Kate O
Anne R
Janet T
Vicky F @VickyFox_Frog
Jo T @jotreg
Hayley C
Claire C
Jane W @Janewaite
Michelle I @footieFanMiss
Phil Wright @fubar2u_2000
Mike C @OldCoops
Kayleigh B (TE)
Darren A @Dr_Arbon
Rachel S @PedagogyMRC
Neil F @NeilCFord (TE)
Jez W
Liz W
Justin R
Ben C @MrICT
Suzanne C (TE)
Paula T @MawganTr
Kim T
Caroline D
Cath J (TE)
Rachel L @rachelflinders
Mike Hale @Teachwithtablet

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